We manufacture and develop exhaust brakes for commercial vehicles as per manufacturers back pressure specifications and engine requirements.

An exhaust brake is a means of slowing a diesel engine by closing off the exhaust path from the engine, causing the exhaust gases to be compressed in the exhaust manifold, and in the cylinder. Since the exhaust is being compressed, and there is no fuel being applied, the engine works backwards, slowing down the vehicle. The amount of negative torque generated is usually directly proportional to the back pressure of the engine.

An exhaust brakes not only increases the braking efficiency of  vehicle but also increases the life of service brakes. They also prevent the brakes from overheating on downhill grades, as this causes brake fade and possibly even failure. Using exhaust brakes properly can help service brakes last up to three times longer. 

We have a highly  advanced test rig to check back pressure at different flow rates of exhaust gases developed at different RPM's of engine.We manufacture and develop different exhaust brakes as per  engine size, back pressure requirements, exhaust pipe diameters ,type of actuation ( air or vaccum ) and as per manufacturers  packing size.